Quick Summer Update

Hello boys and girls!

Today we would like to address two things:

1. In just a few days the long awaited WordPress 3.0 will be out. Once it is officially released, all our themes will be updated in order to take advantage of all the goodies that WordPress 3.0 will bring to the table. So if you have purchased our theme in the past, please don’t update your WP installation on day 1. Wait till we update all our themes (an announcement will be posted here).

2. ProudThemes.com has teamed up with with the good people from 2CheckOut, so now you buy our themes not only with PayPal, but with any major credit card out there.

As a small sidenote, two more themes should be released during June, so make sure to keep in touch with us :)

We wish you all a happy summer!


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